Our model For the Pharmaceutical Distribution

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Our Role In The Pharma Distribution

The Profiter model helps pharmacies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical distributors manage their inventory efficiently and promptly. 
Profiter’s artificial intelligence predicts future demand for pharma products. Our AI prevents stock-outs (stock-outs), avoids excess inventory, and optimizes profit by maximizing access to discounts during reordering.


Direct Connection to Major Italian Wholesalers

Connection Through Farmaclick Protocol

Looking into future

continuous improvement AI Engine

The Artificial Intelligence Model is constantly updated with new data to reinforce predictions that are always reliable

We Assist Professionals Without Replacing Them

Our Smart Rules make the reordering process faster and more effective without replacing the professional

Our solutions

retail Pharmacies

An All-In-One Solution for Wholesale Replenishment Management

  • Integration With Major Italian Management Systems

  • Management of Reordering Rules with Smart Rules

  • AI Reorder Proposals

  • Monthly Fixed Fee

Pharma Chains, Healthcare Organizations, and Distributors

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