Behind Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence

there is a synergy of people and capabilities with a story to tell

We are advocates for innovation as a pathway to advancement and are devoted to implementing it in areas ripe for unlocking value. The pharmaceutical field requires a broad technological advancement to provide services that are both cutting-edge and of high quality, with patient health as the central focus.

The change we are championing within this sector takes root in the essentials of logistics and inventory management,
with tangible effects on human well-being.

Fueling our dedication is the desire to catalyze a dynamic force, shaping the future into the reality we seek.

How Profiter was Born

The Collaboration Begins

In 2020, Osvaldo and Maurizio’s paths converged, forging a partnership built on shared vision and ambition. Their collaboration laid the foundation for what would soon become Profiter.

The Momentum Builds

Not long after, Alex joined the fold, bringing a surge of technical prowess that propelled an early-stage model into a tangible reality.

Established in the vibrant Apulia Region of Bari, Profiter quickly capitalized on the area’s innovative spirit, attracting associates and inspiring a community of enthusiasts.Profiter was established in Bari, in the exciting ecosystem of the Apulia Region, where innovation overflows. Immediately after the company was founded, we started creating a network of associates and surfing the wave of enthusiasm that distinguishes the “lands of the sun.”

The onboarding of our initial partners and investors, TESISQUARE S.p.A. and Michele Palumbo, previously Head of Supply Chain at Bayer, led another significant boost in our journey.

The Epansion

Profiter expanded to California thanks to the acceleration pathway with the solid global reputation of Berkeley Sky Deck, and a US-style innovation frontier was opened in Europe.

We participated in the six months of the Sky Deck acceleration project, and since then, we brought numerous achievements in Italy

A lesson that has profoundly resonated with us is the value of “considering the overall view,” which is now guiding our preparations to enter the global market.

Meet Our Founders

We are an innovative team, even in our way of being a startup.

We are based in Bari and have a secondary operational node in Milan, but we work across the territory with unlimited opportunities. Remote working allows us to expand our knowledge and skills, and we have a constant dialogue that aligns us at work and brings us closer as people because we know that looking ahead is the answer to the innovation we bring. We believe that our new way of doing business is an added value that allows us to welcome into our team quality professionals wherever they are.


““Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.”

Co-founder and long-time innovator

Osvaldo’s journey has been as unconventional as it has been inspiring. From the rugged mountains to the innovation wave of the internet, his path is a testament to resilience and adaptability. He now shares his passion for a balanced life and continuous discovery with his family and the Profiter team.


“I know I don't know.”

Co-Founder and Networker

Maurizio’s story is one of connection—whether on the soccer field or in the world of AI. He thrives on building bridges between people and ideas, constantly seeking knowledge and growth, guided by the philosophy of stoicism.


"What is not useful to the swarm is not useful to the bee either."

Co-founder, CTO, and lifelong explorer

Alex embodies the spirit of exploration, balancing personal growth with societal contribution. His travels reflect his quest for understanding, and his leadership in developing Profiter’s AI is fueled by a commitment to global betterment.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Profiter aligns with the global sustainability agenda for 2030. We invite you to explore our impact through our Sustainability Report.

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