Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Supply with Profiter's AI

Experience a tailored forecasting platform that recognizes your unique demands and your inventory, paving the way to new potential in the pharmaceutical supply network.

Rely on a Stock Management and Restocking System that Understands Your Needs

Profiter is the first platform dedicated to intelligent restocking and inventory management for the pharmaceutical supply chain, featuring a predictive model trained on the specifics of every pharmaceutical, medical device, and prosthesis on the market.

Vertical data ensure a specialized demand forecast and warehouse management that enriches your business on multiple fronts.

Choose a Solution with Tangible Results

Our model delivers benefits and enhancements that have a direct and tangible effect on your business operations.

Profiter's effectiveness
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Of the efficiency of work processes
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Decrease average inventory levels
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Of outstocks due to inefficient supply​

Stock Management 2.0: a New Efficiency Paradigm

With the Profiter assistant, gain a dependable partner in warehouse management, ensuring the highest service quality for your customers and fine-tuning your product quantities.

Dynamic Safety Stock

A Timely stock accuracy with agile and safe stock management based on:

  • demand level
  • supplier reliability
  • time of the year

The AI Restock that Predicts the Market

Leveraging demand forecasting capabilities, you can now accurately predict the optimal restocking quantities for each product in your inventory. This ensures you can maintain ideal logistics performance at all times, ensuring that every sales opportunity is captured.

Leverage Pharma AI for Optimal Outcomes

Trust in our predictive artificial intelligence to prevent stock shortages!

Enhance your warehouse profitability with precise and effective management strategies.

Are you ready to explore the full capabilities of our AI technology?



The Association of the six Health Authorities in the territory of the Emilia Romagna Region that supplies hospitals for: 

  • 5800 accommodations
  • 90 nursing homes
  • 2 university hospitals
  • 660M€/year of handled medicines

has selected Profiter for its operations.

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