AI Inventory Management More b2b profitability Lowers cost of sales Enhances sustainability

Profiter AI optimises the inventory management delivering more profit and more sustainability from online distribution.

What it is

Think of margins, not only revenue

Profiter first applied its concept on travel, with an AI engine for the inventory management in multi-channel online distribution. It focused on improving online distribution by delivering more profitable revenue, consistently. With predictive intelligence, it improved profitability by optimising inventory allocation amongst intermediated distributors to reduce commissions and cancellations.


AI optimisation as a service

Inventory Management

The end of first to come, first to serve. We allocate inventory intelligently.

Recommendation Engine

Per-channel suggestions to increase results.

How it works

Think of margins, not only revenue

Profiter ML software integrates with your inventory management system (aka channel manager) and delivers the best channel mix with predictive and automatic inventory allocation. It produces more profit, awareness and distribution control.

Continuously monitor and improve your distribution health and profit

Get more gain out of the same revenue thanks to the reduction of distribution costs and cancellations
Obtain a comprehensive overview of your CPS on the distribution mix of OTAs, metasearch and direct channels.

Regain control of your online distribution

The end of free sale model “first in, first out”.

Real-time inventory allocation reduces the big reseller’s dependency.

Monitor the real costs of distribution

Including forced discounts, price cuts, ranking and dimming issues.

Instant monitoring and optimisation of the critical KPIs of your online distribution are not scalable by humans. The AI software can predict and instantly optimise channel mix in real-time.

Predictive Inventory Management


Profiter post COVID-19

In the current situation of COVID emergency, we find interesting to adjust the project development to assess the Hotel Market needs

Don’t stop Revenue Management now

How the daily routine adapts in COVID lockdown times

Machine learning

Hotel online intermediation is here to stay

Online distribution has grown by almost 50% over the past 5 years

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