Intelligent online distribution Increases b2b profitability Lowers cost of sales Open sustainability Predictive inventory management B2b online distribution black-box

Profiter Ai optimises the online distribution inventory management bringing more profit, more awareness and fewer cancellations.

Profiter focuses on improving online distribution by delivering more profitable revenue, consistently. With predictive intelligence, we improve profitability by optimising inventory allocation amongst intermediated distributors to reduce commissions and cancellations.

Profiter ML black box integrates with your inventory management system (aka channel manager) and delivers the best channel mix with predictive and automatic inventory allocation. It produces more profit, awareness and distribution control.

Get more gain out of the same revenue
Incremental profit through the reduction of distribution costs and cancellations

More profit and awareness from the right mix of otas, wholesalers, and gds.

Regain control of your online distribution
The end of free sale model "first to come - first to serve"

Real-time inventory allocation reduces the big reseller's dependency.

Monitor the real costs of distribution
Including forced discounts, price cuts, ranking and dimming issues

Instant monitoring and optimisation of the critical KPIs of your online distribution are not scalable by humans. The AI black box software can predict and instantly optimise channel mix in real-time.

The Profiter news blog covers travel tech and online distribution.

  • Is PROFITER a Revenue Management System?
    No, PROFITER is not managing your topline revenue and does not conflict with any of your topline revenue management decisions. PROFITER controls your room inventory distribution to the online channels in a non democratic way to improve your profits.
  • Can I influence PROFITER decisions?
    Not much, PROFITER algorythm works on a black box AI engine that continuously adapts and does very fine tuning changes based on each channel’s revenue pace, volumes, cps, cancellation and guest value. The algorythm works with constant adaptation and can take in consideration the suggestions and tunings by humans.
  • Will PROFITER cause parity issues with distribution portals (otas, resellers)?
    PROFITER will not cause any dimming or deranking on the resellers and will respect the contractual terms of your contract. The algorythm works on fine tuning of inventory discrimination at a very fast frequency and with small amounts of changes that adapt based on the monitored several KPIs of distribution.
  • How will online channels be discriminated?
    Online inventory discrimination will be based on each channel’s cost per sale, cancellation and pace. When considering the cost per sale, PROFITER will calculate commissions, promotions, cancellations and any other related costs that are not always visibile. PROFITER will NOT make any hard closures or heavy restrictions that might cause dimming or deranking.
  • What channels will be impacted? Can I esclude some partners?
    All online channels will be managed. It is not suggested to exclude any considering that PROFITER will fine tune the inventory management without any hard closures or similar. However OTAs, wholesalers and GDS can have different conditions applied that can be agreed with the Hotel.
  • Will PROFITER influence my revenue gain?
    PROFITER does not manage any topline revenue and the Hotel will continue to manage rates and restrictions as usual. The minimum 3% profit increase that PROFITER will bring on the margins will be calculated as a % out of the total revenue generated.
  • How will I know how PROFITER brings value to my property?
    PROFITER dasboard will provide real time insights on each channel’s performance and profit increase year to date and forecasted.